Red Hat is an end-to-end development environment for planning, building and deploying cloud-native applications.

Yesterday, at Red Hat Summit, Red Hat announced is the next generation OpenShift platform, based on OpenShift 3, for building and running applications in the cloud. It gives you complete control of your application's lifecycle, from build to production-- regardless of deploying from source or running a pre-built container.

In the Developer tools, Overview and Roadmap Part I summit session, Todd Mancini, Peter Muir, and James Strachan take a packed house through an introduction to (in addition to providing swag).

Change is accelerating, software is changing and frankly, our current software development practices cannot keep pace. Environment differences breed bugs in production, yet are routinely accepted as OK. We, as software developers, simply make educated guesses and lack any real validation or acceptance testing. 71% of all software projects are considered challenged or failed. The scariest statistic is that only 23% of developers are confident in the development choices that have been made.

OpenShift answers these challenges by providing an end-to-end, integrated, cloud-native development experience. breaks down everything into a Create → Analyze → Plan cycle. brings in upstream technologies from the Fabric8 upstream project, including a complete CI/CD pipeline. Additionally, a lovely kanban-ish dashboard that is easy to use and fully integrated with the platform. Work items are actually tied into the development environment (Eclipse Che) and SCM (Github).

Todd and James performed a live demo on changing, building and re-deploying software changes in real time, complete with typos and error messages. :) As expected, the IDE helped the presenters identify and quickly fix these issues rather than waiting for some nightly build project to catch these bugs down the pipeline.

Overall, this was an exciting introduction to the platform and we are all looking forward to the more in-depth demonstrations throughout the day!

Head over to to start trying these and many more features today!

Last updated: October 31, 2023