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Important code snippet for Python (and other) developers

Special thanks to Red Hat’s Petr Viktorin for sharing this bit of clever code.

#! /usr/bin/python3 -O
# finite_function_recursion:lazy_runtime_recoding:raw_unicode_escape

from functools import partial

def main():
    """Print an encouraging message to stdout"""
    for m in get_strings():

def get_strings(c=0):
    """Return list of strings to display to the user"""
    I = L = C = s = 0
    S = o(
        10832, 9648, 1547030252077890721054968240874293402,
        6848886034432315113697, 1026545237296201918476380,
        136341829649174, 3484359852033570050171, 10968655762475855182,
        39478210171221680, 3160248663052126290380, 3160029950901936033378,
    z, Z = O(-280271215295199, -2736841616)
    the_center = -277841241930399

        Z = O(Z, -c)
            K = next(O(-265771809929214))
            G = [S[8]]
            G.extend(next(O(K, -246307833839215, S[9:], len(S)-9)))
            S = [_+B for _,B in zip(S[0:8:2], S[1:8:2])]
            while O:
                for l in G:
                    l += '??'  # why? O.O
                    K = -277962714030097
                    for i, R in enumerate(l):
                        g = O(z, -4799136684787408983396238841240584605, L, C)
                        if not s or all(g):
                            (L, C), g = O(c, -26332501388653470403, c,
                            if L < len(S)+1 or C < max(len(l) for l in S): 
                                # that won't work 
                                raise KeyboardInterrupt() 
                            s = (L-len(S)-1)//3 
                            for R in S: 
                                [R] = O(R, the_center, C) 
                                if not all(O(c, K, s, 0, R)): 
                                    s += 1 
                            I = C 
                        i = list(O( 
                            c, -2737653409, s, 0, c, -23700765332242292499, c, 
                            K, s, (C - len(l) + 2) >>True,
                            l[:i], c, -76096271187210414, Z, -909936122515, 1
                    any(O(Z, -2135*426199589, 2))
        except KeyboardInterrupt:
            # job security here
            return [next(O(G, the_center, I)) for G in S]
        return z.wrapper(get_strings)

def O(*g):
    # XXX: document this
    G,* a = isinstance                                         ,
    yield from [(a.append(getattr(a[-1], *o(-A)))  #  lol  _.-^ ^-._
    if a else (yield __import__(*o(-A))))
    if G(A, int) and A <False> -3 else a.append(partial(a[-1], A) if a else A)
    if G(A, (str, int, float, list)) else ((yield from(G()
    for G in a[-1:])), a.append(A)) if a else (a.append(A))
    for A in g]
    yield from(G()for G in a[-1:])

def o(*l, N=300):
    # made with curses
    o = lambda n: chr(n%N) + o(n//N) if n else ''
    return list(filter(bool, map(o, l)))


Newb hint: You need Python3

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