Are you a developer or a sysadmin working on something open source that you want to share with the world? Do you know such a person? Submit a talk for 2016, the largest open-source event in central Europe.

February 2016 is approaching and that means preparations for the next are fully on track! (Developer Conference) is a free annual conference for all Linux and JBoss community developers, admins, and Linux users organized by Red Hat Czech Republic in cooperation with the Fedora and JBoss communities.

It will be taking place on February 5th--7th, 2016, in the Czech city of Brno. It is a great place for you to share your innovation or research with the rest of the open-source community and to share ideas, collaborate, and create contacts with technically-minded people.

In 2015, featured over 150 talks and workshops and included a wide range of topics: Kernel, JBoss, Networking, OpenShift, OpenStack, Security, Storage, Software Quality, System Management, Virtualization, Desktop, Containers, Databases, Hardware, Documentation, and 3D Printing.

These and other open-source topics are areas that we want to hear about!

To help you with preparing your submission, we talked to the organizers and asked them a few questions about proposals.

What is the audience interested in? What to avoid?

  • We're looking for technical topics, developer oriented, new technologies, new tools, cool things and great hacks!

How important is the abstract/what is the best way to create it?

  • Pitch your idea for a talk/workshop in a way that would appeal to the target group. Include short info about your topic, project background, etc., specify technical level (general audience, programmers, sysadmins, etc.), tell us why you think your topic is special (innovative, pertinent to current events, funny, …).

What should I ask myself before submitting?

  • Would I be interested in attending a presentation like the one I'm proposing? What are the strong points? Is this the proper venue?

What are the elements of a good proposal/strong idea?

  • Clearly defined topic, engaging content.
Last updated: March 15, 2023