A Practical Introduction to Docker Container Terminology

I'm very happy to announce that Docker images based on collections from Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) 2.0 are in beta testing.  The images are available from the Red Hat Container Registry, and we've got the set of collections for language, databases and web servers covered - a complete list is below.

If you've not tried out the Docker package from RHEL7 Extras, you need to enable the Extras channel, install the docker page, and start the docker service; an extended guide for RHEL Docker is available here.  Once you are set up, pulling the RHSCL Docker images is very simple... for example, you can fetch the Python 3.4 image as follows:

# docker pull registry.access.redhat.com/rhscl_beta/python-34-rhel7
Status: Downloaded newer image for registry.access.redhat.com/rhscl_beta/python-34-rhel7:latest
# docker run rhscl_beta/python-34-rhel7 python -V
Python 3.4.2

Each of the images has a set of different configuration options - these are documented in the Customer Portal.  Let us know in the comments, or in Bugzilla, how you get on.

These images run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Atomic Host, and Red Hat Atomic Enterprise.

List of RHSCL Docker images available

Component Description
Language images  
rhscl_beta/php-56-rhel7 PHP 5.6 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/python-34-rhel7 Python 3.4 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/python-27-rhel7 Python 2.7 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/perl-520-rhel7 Perl 5.20 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/ruby-22-rhel7 Ruby 2.2 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/ror-41-rhel7 Ruby on Rails 4.1 platform for building and running applications
rhscl_beta/passenger-40-rhel7 Phusion Passenger 4.0 web server and application server
HTTP server images  
rhscl_beta/httpd-24-rhel7 Apache HTTP 2.4 Server
rhscl_beta/nginx-16-rhel7 Nginx 1.6 server and a reverse proxy server
Database images  
rhscl_beta/mysql-56-rhel7 MySQL 5.6 SQL database server
rhscl_beta/mariadb-100-rhel7 MariaDB 10.0 SQL database server
rhscl_beta/postgresql-94-rhel7 PostgreSQL 9.4 SQL database server
rhscl_beta/mongodb-26-rhel7 MongoDB 2.6 NoSQL database server
Last updated: November 1, 2023