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Interested in IoT?  Dzone has done a great job assembling this guide, but I'm also pleased that they've included my section, IoT Gateways and Architectures.  It has a number of other sections as well, so take a look and enjoy.  My section begins on page 6.

Abstract: IoT Gateways and Architectures

The typical architecture of IoT solutions is usually far more complex than the architecture of most enterprise systems. One of the main factors that increases the complexity of IoT systems is that backend services residing in the data center, which is the heart of most enterprise systems, are actually just a piece of the bigger IoT picture. With IoT solutions, we have to deal with a myriad of devices working in the field. Because the nature of these devices is very different from web, desktop, or even mobile clients, we need an intermediate architectural element that will act as a proxy between the world of field devices and the enterprise data center. What we need is an IoT gateway.

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