Donnie and I had a chance to catch up at PuppetConf last month (where Donnie introduced me to sour beer - let's just say it's good to try new things.)  :)

As usual, Donnie does a great job distinguishing between the DevOps and cloud universes - it's definitely worth the read.

Donnie Berkholz's Story of Data: 

The parallel universes of DevOps and cloud developers

When I think about people who live in that foggy world between development and operations, I can’t help being reminded of a China Miéville novel called The City & the City. It’s about two cities that literally overlap in geography, with the residents of each completely ignoring the other — and any violations, or breaches, of that separation are quickly enforced by a shadowy organization known as the Breach.

Much like people starting from development or operations, or for you San Franciscans, the Mission’s weird juxtaposition of its pre-tech and tech populations, The City & the City is a story of parallel universes coexisting in the same space. When I look at the DevOps “community” today, what I generally see is a near-total lack of overlap between people who started on the dev side and on the ops side.

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