Abstract: Good applications are a mix of powerful technologies and a productive approach to development. In this session, Pete Muir will discuss how both aspects blend together in the context of a working application.

Through a detailed walkthrough, you'll learn how to build a Java EE 6 application with a mobile-friendly HTML5 front end, built using industry-standard JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. We'll build the application using the Red Hat JBoss Middleware stack, with Java EE at the core. You'll see how to deploy the application to OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat—the company's on-premise PaaS—and learn how to add some continuous integration and testing.

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We'll also discuss the requirements for the application, why the technologies were chosen, and how the application is architected.

This talk will assume a basic understanding of Java web applications, and Java EE.

via DevNation 2014 - Pete Muir - Building an Enterprise App from Scratch.