DevNation 2014 – Brian Gollaher – Developing Applications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

In this session, we’ll cover when developers should use Red Hat Enterprise Linux system tools, when they should use the Red Hat Developer Toolset, and when they should use Red Hat Software Collections. We’ll describe the developer tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and make recommendations in context, based on the type of application and the application life cycle. Well also explain the targeted audience for the native system tools and why they are not appropriate for all applications. Finally, we’ll explain and provide examples of the target audience for the Red Hat Developer Toolset and Red Hat Software Collections tools.

See what’s new for developing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

via DevNation 2014 – Brian Gollaher – Developing Applications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


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More about DevNation:  DevNation 2014 was our inaugural open source, polyglot conference for application developers and maintainers. View some of the DevNation 2015 session recordings here.  DevNation 2016 will be in San Francisco, USA, the week of June 26.  Be sure to follow its status and register at

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