Will Cohen shares what he'll be talking about at DevNation and what else he's looking forward to.

What sessions are you giving at DevNation ?

  • Tuesday afternoon at DevNation I will be presenting "Recipes to Diagnose Common Performance Issues".
  • Tuesday evening we will have a Beer & BoF - "Best Practices for System and Application Monitoring"  Come for the beer; stay for the knowledge.

What are three takeaways from your sessions ?

  • A system's upper bound on performance is usually limited by a particular resource limitation.  Much of the performance measurement and tuning is oriented to finding and eliminating that resource limitation.
  • Take time to think about what type of data you are trying to collect and why.  Ultimately the data is being collected to test a hypothesis or gauge performance.
  • Red Hat is working to make it easier for people collect data to understand machine performance by scripting recipes on how to do common performance monitoring tasks.

What do you find most exciting about DevNation ?

I really enjoy getting an opportunity to hear from people who are using the software tools we are developing. It is really great to hear that something that I worked on really helped people solve a problem.

What sessions are you looking forward to attend ?

Effective use of the memory hierarchy is a important issue. With the costs differences between local cache accesses and non local accesses to memory on other nodes in NUMA machine just getting larger it is going to become even more important. I would love to see Joe Mario and Don Zickus presentation,"Pinpoint memory cachline tearing for NUMA performance gains".

Last updated: April 5, 2018