Red Hat Developer Toolset v2.0 was released earlier this year and has received some great feedback from developers, which is always great to hear.

But perhaps you'd like to see Red Hat Developer Toolset in action rather than reading about it. If so, here's a recording of a live demo showing you some of the great new features, including the option to create and deploy your C++ application to Red Hat OpenShift from right within the Eclipse IDE.

In addition to the headline features of Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler), gcc 4.8Dyninst 8.0, and Strace 4.7, Red Hat Developer Toolset continues to enable C, C++, and Fortran developers to compile once and then deploy across multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (i.e. compile on RHEL 5, deploy on either RHEL 5 or 6).  Plus, new tools help you to more quickly diagnose and debug applications, and even analyze application performance to isolate memory and management issues. OpenShift plug-ins can be added to the supplied Eclipse IDE release, allowing connection to an OpenShift account and creation of new projects, deployment to the OpenShift servers and other common activities.

We hope you enjoy this brief video (under 6 minutes). If you have any questions, feel free to post comments below or contact us. And don't forget, you can also read my earlier posts on Red Hat Developer Toolset 1.1 and a general backgrounder on Red Hat Developer Toolset 1.0, almost all of which also applies to Red Hat Developer Toolset 2.0 as well.


Last updated: November 2, 2023