Engineering Partner Manager

Vivien Wang

Vivien Wang is an Engineering Partner Manager who works with Red Hat Partners to integrate and certify their applications with Red Hat OpenShift. Before joining Red Hat in 2019, she worked at SAP UKI, and as an in-house technical writer for ASUS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. She holds a master's degree from King's College London and a BA from National Taiwan University. In her spare time she enjoys jogging and cooking. 

Vivien Wang's contributions

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A deep dive into Stakater's Multi-Tenant Operator

Vivien Wang +3

Explore 3 core features of Stakater's Multi-Tenant Operator—Quotas, Tenants, and Console—and how they help enforce efficient and secure multi-tenancy.


What’s new in vSphere on RHEL image builder

Vivien Wang

Discover what’s new in VMware vSphere on RHEL image builder, including convenient auto-registration features accessing the latest RHEL bug and security fixes.