Samir Dash

Principal Software Engineer (UXD)

Samir is Principal Software Engineer and a RedHat UXD team member working mostly on Information Architecture (IA) and Interaction Design (IxD) aspects of various RedHat products.

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DesOps is "DevOps 2.0"

This article describes the key principles of DesOps and how DesOPs processes should be structured so that products delight customers and deliver value.


DesOps - The Next Wave in Design

DesignOps (or DesOps) is an approach to design that is inspired by and is complementary to the culture of DevOps. Like DevOps, it involves a cultural shift, collaboration, and automation. Learn practical approaches for how to prepare for this next wave in design.


Beta Testing in the Ever-Changing World of Automation

Beta testing is fundamentally all about the testing of a product performed by real users in a real environment. The Beta stage in the product lifecycle management (PLM) is the ideal opportunity to hear from the target market and to plan for the road ahead.