Paolo Abeni

Linux user since late '90, kernel developer for too many years in closed source companies and finally landed to the Red Hat open-source paradise, Paolo contributes regularly to the Linux networking stack, focusing his effort to improve networking performances

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Using eXpress Data Path (XDP) maps in RHEL 8: Part 2

This article, the second is a series about eXpress Data Path (XDP), explores maps--a more-advanced eBPF feature--and some common pitfalls and basic debugging techniques.


Achieving high-performance, low-latency networking with XDP: Part I

This article guides you through your first XDP program, building a working example from zero and allowing you to build a light-speed network application from there. With an XDP program, you can achieve unprecedented speed in packet filtering, because a modern driver with XDP support can easily handle more than 14 Mpps.