Mark Michelson

Senior Software Developer

Mark Michelson is a senior software developer at Red Hat. Mark has worked in the network services group since July 2017 and works mostly with OVN and OVS.

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The clean break of Open Virtual Network from Open vSwitch

The Open Virtual Network and Open vSwitch projects now operate independently. We discuss the technical aspects of the split and remaining challenges.


Performance improvements in OVN: Past and future

This article discusses two game-changing performance improvements that have been added to Open Virtual Network (OVN), a component of Open vSwitch project, in the past year: ovn-nbctl daemonization and port groups. The article also discusses possible future improvements.


Dynamic IP address management in Open Virtual Network (OVN): Part Two

This article explores some of the dynamic IP address management issues in Open Virtual Network (OVN), how those have been improved, and what's in store for OVN in future versions of Open vSwitch.


Dynamic IP Address Management in Open Virtual Network (OVN): Part One

This article demonstrates the IP address management (IPAM) options in Open Virtual Network (OVN) and how to apply them. Using OVN, you can set up dynamic IP addresses on your logical switches without the need to keep track of assigned addresses in your application.