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Enhance application security by rotating 3scale access tokens

Enhance application security by setting up single-use access tokens in Red Hat 3scale API Management. Learn how with this step-by-step guide.


3scale ActiveDocs and OAuth 2.0

How to secure your API documentation with Red Hat Single Sign-On. This guide is to help you integrate your Red Hat Single Sign-On server with the OAI-based ActiveDocs in your 3scale Developer Portal. Although it has only been implemented with this particular IdP you could in theory make some customisation


3scale Developer Portal signup flows

There are 4 custom signup flows in this example parent homepage. As all the flows are separated into each partial you can include them into the homepage using Liquid tags as shown in this snippet: {% include 'partial name' %}. You can include the partials into your 3scale portal individually or all together. It depends