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A Practical Introduction to Docker Container Terminology

Containerize your Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL application with RHSCL Docker images

New RHSCL-based Docker images that are now in beta let you easily build your own application containers even without writing any Dockerfiles. Here is an example of a Ruby on Rails application built with the Ruby 2.2 image using the PostgreSQL 9.4 image as a database backend. For building the application image we will use a tool called source-to-image (s2i, formally sti) which is a program that can build your application image on top of s2i images. For example the...

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Getting started with Ruby and MongoDB using Software Collections

MongoDB became recently a very popular document database and RHSCL 1.1 includes both mongodb24 and ror40 Software Collections including the supported Ruby drivers for MongoDB. So let's have a short look on what MongoDB actually is and how to get started using MongoDB from Ruby using Software Collections. Note that we will use ruby200, ror40, mongodb24 and v8 collections together on RHEL 7 Beta, although you can follow this article with RHEL 6 as well. If you need to use...