Fridolin Pokorny

Sr. Software Engineer

Fridolín is a passionate Pythonista. He works at Red Hat on scalable platforms and machine learning applications in Red Hat’s office of the CTO. Nature lover.

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Find and compare Python libraries with project2vec

Project Thoth is building a searchable database of Python libraries. Find out how project2vec searches and sorts, and how to use it for your projects.


Secure your Python applications with Thoth recommendations

Learn how Project Thoth's new security recommender makes a recommendation, then use the Thamos CLI to find security issues in your Python library code.


Thoth prescriptions for resolving Python dependencies

Thoth prescriptions resolve dependency conflicts in Python application stacks. Learn how to create and use them to build healthier Python applications.


Resolve Python dependencies with Thoth Dependency Monkey

Don't let conflicting dependencies create problems in your Python applications. Use Thoth Dependency Monkey to choose compatible library versions.


micropipenv: Installing Python dependencies in containerized applications

Discover micropipenv, a new compatibility layer on top of pip (the Python package installer) that makes installing Python application dependencies easier in containerized environments.