Fridolin Pokorny

Sr. Software Engineer

Fridolín is a passionate Pythonista. He works at Red Hat on scalable platforms and machine learning applications in Red Hat’s office of the CTO. Nature lover.

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Manage Python security with Thoth's cloud-based dependency resolver

Get a video introduction to Project Thoth's cloud-based Python dependency resolver, then learn how to manage Python dependencies on the Thoth command line.


Inspecting containerized Python applications in a cluster

Find out how Project Thoth's Amun combines with Red Hat OpenShift and Argo Workflows to orchestrate containerized application inspections in a cluster.


How to self-host a Python package index using Pulp

Find out how developer teams use Pulp to maintain and share their own Python package repositories. Examples are based on the Operate First deployment.


Extracting dependencies from Python packages

Explore the challenges involved in extracting metadata and dependency information from Python packages, then learn how Project Thoth works around them.


Extracting information from Python source code

A simple tool called invectio, from Project Thoth, uses static source code analysis to display the symbols used or exported by Python source code.


Prevent Python dependency confusion attacks with Thoth

Find out how dependency resolvers like pip leave Python applications vulnerable to dependency confusion attacks, then learn how Thoth prevents them.


Build and extend containerized applications with Project Thoth

Learn how Thoth synthesizes software and hardware requirements to provide intelligent Python package recommendations for developers and data scientists.


Customize Python dependency resolution with machine learning

Get started with Project Thoth's Python dependency resolver, modeled as a Markov decision process for customizable Python package recommendations.