Fernando Lozano

Curriculum Architect

Fernando lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and works on Red Hat's certification training for OpenShift, containers, and DevOps.

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How to update to newer Red Hat OpenShift 4 releases

This article demonstrates two common scenarios of updating OpenShift 4: to a newer z-stream release and to a newer minor release. It includes screenshots of actual updates so you know what to expect.


Red Hat Universal Base Images for Docker users

Learn how to use Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBIs) with Docker from a non-Red Hat system, such as a Windows or Mac workstation.


Verifying signatures of Red Hat container images

How to sign and verify signatures of container images using podman and skopeo


Using Red Hat OpenShift image streams with Kubernetes deployments

Using OpenShift image streams with Kubernetes Deployments allows automatic updates without sacrificing compatibility with standard Kubernetes.


Troubleshooting Red Hat OpenShift applications with throwaway containers

Learn how these two helpful tools in the Red Hat OpenShift command-line client can help you troubleshoot your applications.


Working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Universal Base Images (UBI)

Build RHEL-based container images from a Dockefile; you can build from any Linux distribution using Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI).


Source versus binary S2I workflows with Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes

Red Hat OpenShift supports two workflows for building container images for applications: the source workflow and the binary workflow. This article compares the two workflows, describes how to use each of them, and explains which workflow to use depending on your circumstances.