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Fuse Online Tech-Preview is available TODAY! This is great news to my integration developer friends, check out the new Red Hat Fuse Online integration platform. Fuse Online is easy to use and low code platform for system integrators. System integrator now plays a very important role in the Enterprise IT, because they have the ability to interconnect with partner, vendors, and internal systems. Companies now need to deal with the increasing number of APIs/digital touch points that need to weave together. And the time they were given for them to integrate has just gotten shorter! Red Hat Fuse online is just the right tool for this.

Red Hat Fuse Online is a 100% cloud-hosted toolchain and runtime, giving system integrators a low code environment right from the browser. Now it's available for Tech preview. This tech-preview version gives you a bit of a taste of what it would look like in this low code platform. You can start with the integration between Salesforce and Twitter! All you need to do is to register!

CLICK HERE! To get started on Fuse Online!

These videos will guide you through how to create your first Fuse Online application:

For people who want to know how to set up a twitter developer account, here is a video that guides you through it.

Salesforce set up for developers can be a little intimidating and it's even more confusing when now they have two different interfaces, but don't worry, I've got you covered. Choose their interface that you prefer to work with; my video will also guide you through the steps to set up your Salesforce account in no time!



Alright, I hope that is helpful. Get started on Fuse Online!

Click here to download Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

Last updated: November 30, 2023