Senior Principal Software Engineer

Avishay Traeger

I am currently working on cool projects at Red Hat such as the OpenShift Assisted Installer.  Previously, I received my doctorate in Computer Science from Stony Brook University where my focus was performance analysis, file and storage systems, and virtualization.  At IBM Research I worked on projects such as compression estimation and OpenStack Cinder (core team member).  At Stratoscale I architected an on-prem AWS-compatible cloud.

Avishay Traeger's contributions

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Deploy cloud-based bare-metal clusters

Avishay Traeger

Discover how on-premises software is run as a service using Red Hat OpenShift's cloud-based Assisted Installer. Learn about its high installation success rate.

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How to design state machines for microservices

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Design better state machines for microservices. Learn how to use the stateswitch Go lib to organize state transition logic and APIs to expose service states.

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Designing efficient file operations at cloud scale

Avishay Traeger

Improve operational efficiency by designing file operations at cloud scale. Explore case studies that show the possibilities of dynamically constructed files.