Antoine Sabot-Durand

Senior Software Developper

Java Champion, senior software Engineer at Red Hat. CDI spec lead and Microprofile contributor. Also a speaker to various conferences like Java One, Devoxx or

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Eclipse MicroProfile and Red Hat Update: Thorntail and SmallRye

Red Hat's implementation of MicroProfile, WildFly Swarm, has been renamed to Thorntail. In this article, find out why, and learn about SmallRye


MicroProfile Status in Version 1.3

The Eclipse MicroProfile project is moving fast with four releases and eight subspecs having at least two implementations each. This post provides an overview of MicroProfile 1.3, which was released on September 30th, and helps you to get started with the specification.


MicroProfile Fault Tolerance in WildFly Swarm

This article will describe the main features of the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance specification and then demonstrate how it was implemented in WildFly Swarm, the Red Hat MicroProfile implementation.