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Clustering support for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) on Azure App Service is now available in public preview. JBoss EAP has been available as a supported runtime on both Azure virtual machines (via the Azure Marketplace) and Azure App Service since June 2021.

If you're looking to move your Jakarta Enterprise Edition (Jakarta EE) applications to the cloud, you can use these offerings to maintain your investment in Jakarta EE and JBoss EAP while benefiting from the depth and breadth of the Microsoft Azure platform and related services.

Benefits of clustering on Azure App Service

JBoss EAP clustering enables distributed applications to share data seamlessly and improve resistance to fluctuations in data flow and server load, as well as server failure. Although clustering has been supported on Azure VMs for many years, it required careful configuration of JBoss EAP, including networking (e.g., multicast or the use of the AZURE_PING protocol), load balancing, failover configuration, and more.

With JBoss EAP on Azure App Service, once added to an Azure Virtual Network (VNet), JBoss EAP will automatically start as a clustered service, using virtual networking for node-to-node communication. It will also be enabled for scaling operations (scaling up or down as desired, based on scale configuration) through Azure App Service. The benefits are summarized in the following video.

In addition to clustering of JBoss EAP, Azure App Service offers a wide range of capabilities, including developer tooling, advanced deployment options, integration with Azure Application Insights and Azure Monitor, network isolation options, and multiple pricing tiers. JBoss EAP on Azure App Service is fully supported with integrated support from Microsoft and Red Hat. The combination of JBoss EAP, a leading Jakarta EE platform, with Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud platform, gives JBoss EAP users a powerful path to the cloud.

For more detail around this public preview of JBoss EAP clustering support on Azure App Service, read Microsoft's blog post announcement.

How to get started

If you want to try out the public preview today, get started with this 7-minute Clustered JBoss EAP on Azure App Service quickstart. This sample deploys a representative distributed application to JBoss EAP on Azure App Service, showing how clustering works.

Additional resources

More details and documentation are available at the following sites:

Last updated: September 20, 2023