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JBoss Tools 4.19.1 and Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.19.1 for Eclipse (2021-03) are now available. In this release, we focused on improving tooling for the Quarkus framework, adding improvements for container-based development, and bug fixing. This article highlights just a few of these enhancements.

Installation prerequisites

Red Hat CodeReady Studio comes with everything prebundled in its installer. Simply download it from the Red Hat CodeReady Studio product page and run it like this:

$ java -jar codereadystudio-.jar

JBoss Tools—otherwise known as "bring-your-own-Eclipse (BYOE) CodeReady Studio"—requires a bit more to get started. For this release, you need Eclipse 4.19 or later. We recommend using the latest Eclipse 4.19 2021-03 Java EE bundle, which comes with most of the dependencies preinstalled.

Note: Java 11 is now required to run Red Hat Developer Studio or JBoss Tools (this is an Eclipse 4.17 requirement). Make sure to select a Java 11 JDK in the installer. You can still work with pre-Java 11 JDK/Java Runtime Environment (JRE) projects in the tool.

Once you have installed Eclipse, you can find us on the Eclipse Marketplace under either JBoss Tools or Red Hat CodeReady Studio. You can also download JBoss Tools directly from our update site.

OpenShift Application Explorer improvements

When the OpenShift cluster has no applications or projects, the user is required to create them. However, it might not be obvious that the corresponding function is available from a submenu of the New context menu.

To remedy this, a link will now be provided within the tree along with an explanation message. If no projects are available, the user is prompted to create one (see Figure 1).

Screenshot of the OpenShift Application explorer.
Figure 1: The user is given the option to create a new project.

If no applications are available in a project, the user is directed to create a new component, as shown in Figure 2.

Screenshot of the OpenShift Application Explorer.
Figure 2: The user is given the option to create a new deployment.

New server tools: WildFly 24 and EAP 7.4 Beta

A server adapter has been added to work with WildFly 24 and EAP 7.4 Beta.

Hibernate runtime provider updates

We've also made a number of additions and updates to the available Hibernate runtime providers:

  • The new Hibernate 5.5 runtime provider incorporates Hibernate Core 5.5.3 Final and Hibernate Tools 5.5.3 Final.
  • The Hibernate 5.4 runtime provider now incorporates Hibernate Core 5.4.32 Final and Hibernate Tools 5.4.32 Final.


With JBoss Tools 4.19.1 and Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.19.1 out, we are already working on improvements for the next release. In the meantime, you can find more information on the JBoss Tools site. Enjoy!

Last updated: November 9, 2023