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Building freely distributed containers with open tools | DevNation Live

Building freely distributed containers with open tools | DevNation Live

October 17, 2019

Although explaining how to ride a Tron-style light cycle is beyond the scope of this talk, we will discuss something almost as exhilarating—building containers with Podman and Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI). We will cover how to build and run containers based on UBI using just your regular user account—no daemon, no root (rootless), no fuss. Finally, we will order the deresolution of all of our containers with a really cool command.

A developer's journey through DevOps

A developer's journey through DevOps

September 4, 2019

What does one developer's evolutionary journey have to do with Gene Kim and his book The Phoenix Project? Gene Kim is the DevOps king, founder of the DevOps Enterprise Summit, and world-famous author. Burr Sutter is a developer advocate at Red Hat, founder of the DevNexus Developer Conference, and has authored some tweets. It must be the awesome goatee they have in common! "Twinsies with facial hair." We have to have developers and operators working hand-in-hand.

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Part 3: A reactive system in action

July 9, 2019

Now that we've covered the details of the Reactica code, we'll use shell scripts to deploy and run the application. You'll watch in open-mouth astonishment as you see multiple microservices working together to generate a web UI that gives Coderland guests an exact picture of the line of park-goers waiting to ride the coaster. 

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