Webinar Series

Developer productivity on Kubernetes with OpenShift

March 12th | 16:00 CET

Build an effective development environment and pipeline for containers

Ryan Jarvinen offers comparisons between OpenShift and vanilla Kubernetes, and explains how Red Hat helps developers build, instrument, and manage containerized solutions that can be run securely on any infrastructure.  This session highlights a few unique developer-focused features that have been included in Red Hat's CNCF-certified distribution of Kubernetes, and features live demos showing how to quickly build, test, and iterate on Java-based solutions via IDE or via command-line. We will also take a tour of the newly-redesigned 'Developer Perspective' web interface for deeper insights on the health and performance of our solutions.

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Ryan Jarvinen

Ryan Jarvinen

Developer Advocate Red Hat

Ryan Jarvinen is a Developer Advocate and Open Source Evangelist, focusing on developer experience in the Kubernetes community and container space. Ryan is a frequent conference speaker and hands-on workshop leader who works remotely from Sacramento, California, as a part of Red Hat's OpenShift team.

You can reach him as @RyanJ on twitter, github, and IRC.


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