Joshua Wood

Principal Developer Advocate

Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood is a Principal Developer Advocate at Red Hat. Co-author of Kubernetes Operators (O’Reilly, 2020) and OpenShift for Developers, 2nd Edition (O’Reilly, 2021), he was previously responsible for documentation at CoreOS. Wood has worked in roles from sysadmin to CTO to build utility computing with open source software. He likes fast cars, slow boats and short autobiographies.

Joshua Wood's contributions

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A platform for building developer portals

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Explore the concept of internal developer platforms (IDPs) through the lens of Red Hat Developer Hub and its foundations in the open source Backstage project.

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What you missed from Red Hat Summit: Connect North America 2022

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Red Hat Summit: Connect brought updated topics and tech from Red Hat’s annual Summit closer to partners, customers, and developers with a succession of events in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco during the last two weeks of September.

Kubernetes Operator publishing

Crafting Kubernetes Operators

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This DevNation Tech Talk guides you through creating and deploying a Kubernetes Operator using Red Hat's Operator Framework and SDK.