Apache Kafka Connectors - The Open Source Depot for Apache Kafka Integration Connectors

Red Hat has created this curated list of open source Apache Kafka connectors that enable integrations with your local systems landscape.

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Kafka Connect

Kafka Connect API

Kafka Connect is a tool for developers to stream data between Apache Kafka and external systems. It provides a framework for moving large amounts of data into and out of Kafka clusters while maintaining scalability and reliability. Kafka Connect is typically used to integrate Kafka with external databases, storage and messaging systems. Developers can also use Kafka Connect to build connector plug-ins (as JAR files) for their Kafka cluster and run connectors.

AMQ Streams allows developers to use the Cluster Operator to deploy Kafka Connect or Kafka Connect Source-2-Image (S2I) cluster to their OpenShift clusters.

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Apache Kafka has become the de facto standard for asynchronous event propagation between microservices. Things get challenging, though, when adding a service’s database to the picture: How can you avoid inconsistencies between Kafka and the database?

Enter change data capture (CDC) and Debezium.

By capturing changes from the log files of the database, Debezium gives you both reliable and consistent inter-service messaging via Kafka and instant read-your-own-write semantics for services themselves.

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Apache Kafka is a distributed data streaming platform that is a popular event processing choice. It can handle publishing, subscribing to, storing, and processing event streams in real-time. Apache Kafka supports a range of use cases where high throughput and scalability are vital, and by minimizing the need for point-to-point integrations for data sharing in certain applications, it can reduce latency to milliseconds.

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What is the Camel Kafka Connector project?

After maturing for almost a decade, the Camel community spun a couple of sub-projects to foster innovation in areas like runtime support and container readiness. In particular, the Camel Kafka Connector sub-project focuses on the use of Camel components as Kafka Connect connectors. With this in mind, they built a tiny layer between Camel and Kafka frameworks to easily use each Camel component as a Kafka connector that can be utilized effortlessly in the Kafka ecosystem.

This project’s first release allows the community to try and share feedback on the autogenerated connectors. Despite being the first release of this sub-project, most of the underlying Camel components are battle-tested and employed all around the world in production scenarios.

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