Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry

A schema registry for our Apache Kafka offerings that makes it easier for development teams to publish, discover, and reuse artifacts. 

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Get started with Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry

In Get started with OpenShift Service Registry, Evan Shortiss shows you the steps required to get your schemas registered and connect your Kafka topics to applications. 

You'll also learn how to create Service Registry instances and well-defined schema definitions so you can deliver event streaming architectures.

Once you watch the video, you can read this article to learn more.

OpenShift Service Registry features

Artifact management with version control

Reusable artifacts are documented and made available for browsing and downloading. Artifact schemas are versioned for greater control and visibility. Schemas are checked for compatibility before updates are allowed.

Schema validation and support for multiple schema formats

Schemas are checked for valid content, syntax, and semantics when published to the registry. OpenShift Service Registry supports Apache Avro, JSON schema, Protobuf, OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, GraphQL, WSDL, and XSD.

Compatibility with CNCF and Schema Registry APIs

The service exposes compatibility layers for CNCF and Schema Registry APIs. Applications that were originally built to integrate with these APIs will be compatible with OpenShift Service Registry.

Service-based delivery, managed by Red Hat

Red Hat’s specialized 24x7 global site reliability engineering team manages the highly-available (multi-AZ) infrastructure and daily operations, including monitoring, logging, upgrades, and patching. Red Hat proactively addresses issues and solves problems quickly.

Use cases

Developer tools for Java

Schema management and governance

OpenShift Service Registry can help IT dev teams enforce data policies in streaming applications. Errors can be reduced by controlling schema evolution using compatibility and validation rules.

Quarkus tools for integrated development environments

Schema and API services discovery

OpenShift Service Registry provides a central repository for registering and discovering schemas and APIs. This can increase service reuse by providing a source of truth for all schemas.

Language support for Java

Serializing and deserializing data

OpenShift Service Registry decouples the schema from the client application, providing a way to store schema metadata and the mechanisms required for reading and writing data to an Apache Kafka topic.