Red Hat JBoss Web Server

A web server that combines market-leading open source technologies with enterprise capabilities to provide a single solution for large-scale websites and light-weight Java web applications.

Red Hat JBoss Web Server

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Instructions for Installation

For more details, view the Product Documentation.

  1. JBoss Web Server is only available through a full Red Hat subscription. Download JBoss Web Server by logging in to the Red Hat Customer Portal and downloading it from there.

Configure Apache™ Maven

  1. Locate the Maven install directory for your operating system. It is usually installed in ${user.home}/.m2/.


  2. If you have an existing settings.xml file, rename it so you can restore it later.

    mv ~/.m2/settings.xml ~/.m2/settings-backup.xml

  3. If you have an existing repository/ directory, rename it so you can restore it later. For example

    mv ~/.m2/repository/ ~/.m2/repository-backup/

  4. Copy the settings.xml file from the root of the quickstarts directory to your Maven install directory.

    cp QUICKSTART_HOME/settings.xml ~/.m2/settings.xml

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