Migration Toolkit for Runtimes 

The tools, reports, and knowledge that help developers modernize applications to run in the cloud and deploy containers at scale.

Download the migration toolkit for runtimes

The migration toolkit for runtimes provides distribution options that serve different use cases and deployment scenarios. Not sure which option is right for you? Review the available distributions before you pick a download.

We recommend downloading the most recent release of the migration toolkit, containing all of the latest rulesets and patches, from the Customer Portal.

Distributions for code analysis, effort estimation, and planning

Migration toolkit for runtimes web console

The web console provides an easy-to-use interface for managing large volumes of applications for assessment and analysis purposes. With this tool, you can manage a large number of applications in order to efficiently prioritize and plan which applications to migrate, as well as to assess the difficulty involved in each migration. It’s simple to install on your laptop or a server.

Migration toolkit for runtimes web console for OpenShift

Use the migration toolkit for runtimes operator to deploy the migration toolkit for runtimes web-user interface (UI) on OpenShift. See the Getting Started page for more information.

Migration toolkit for runtimes command-line-interface (CLI)

The migration toolkit for applications CLI provides detailed reports, broad customization options, and easy integration with external automation tools.


Plug-ins to popular integrated development environments (IDEs)

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

This extension provides the ability to analyze, assess, and migrate source code using the migration toolkit for runtimes(using MTA) from within VS Code.


The IDE plug-in provides interactive assistance for developers. It streamlines the process of migrating applications by providing inline guidance and quick fixes that can automate complex steps in the migration and modernization process.

Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces / Eclipse Che

The migration toolkit for runtimes plug-in runs within Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces (formerly Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces) or in your own version of Eclipse Che, providing assistance during the development process. OpenShift Dev Spaces, a next-generation IDE for developer teams built on Eclipse Che, eliminates local environment configuration for your entire team. It uses Kubernetes and containers to provide any member of the development team with a consistent, secure, and zero-configuration development environment. The in-browser IDE lets you code, build, test, and run applications exactly as they run on production from any machine. If you are moving to containers and cloud-native development, this is for you.

IntelliJ IDEA

The migration toolkit for runtimes plug-in for IntelliJ platform-based IDEs provides tooling to accelerate application migration. It marks migration issues in the source code, provides guidance to fix problems, and offers automatic code replacement when possible.


The Maven plug-in for the migration toolkit for runtimes integrates into the Maven build process, so you can continuously evaluate migration and modernization efforts with each iteration of source code. It is designed for developers who want updates with each build, providing numerous reports highlighting the analysis results. You can even use it to enforce certain code standards as part of your build process.

IDE plug-ins

Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace

Eclipse plug-in

Eclipse Marketplace

Eclipse Che / Red Hat OpenShift DevSpaces (hosted Tech Preview)

Eclipse Open VSX registry

IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains Marketplace

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Migration toolkit CLI

Command-line Interface
Release date
May 31, 2023

Web Console

Local Install and OpenShift
Release date
May 31, 2023


Migration toolkit CLI

Command-line interface
Release date
November 17, 2022

Web console

Local Install and OpenShift
Release date
November 17, 2022

Migration toolkit for applications

If you have a Red Hat OpenShift subscription, we recommend using the migration toolkit for applications. It offers additional capabilities that focus on application portfolio management and collaborating across teams for modernization projects.

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