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DevNation Day: Getting Started with Observability for Java Developers

   DevNation Day @ Devoxx UK | May 12, 2022

  Ben Evans

As applications move to containers and migrate to the cloud, they become ever more complex, and it's increasingly important to monitor, analyze, and diagnose their behavior. Observability is a new way of thinking about monitoring and understanding your applications. It’s supported by a growing range of open source tools and standards—part of the new wave of technologies that modern developers need to go fully cloud native. Join Ben Evans for a fast-paced introduction to Observability, including the basics of metrics, logs, and tracing (the "pillars of observability"). The class will explain how to implement Observability in Java using OpenTelemetry.

The main concepts that attendees can expect to learn include:

  • Key concepts in Cloud Native Monitoring and Observability
  • The current state and road map of OpenTelemetry
  • Java’s OpenTelemetry libraries