Training for Developers

Interactive Courses

Try a variety of coding scenarios, running inside pre-configured instances, accessible from your browser without any downloads or configuration. Use them to experiment, learn how to use Red Hat products and see how Red Hat technologies can help you solve real-world problems.


Develop with GitOps

6 lessons | 140 minutes

Use GitOps and OpenShift Pipelines to implement Kubernetes-native CI/CD, automate and manage app deployment.


Develop with Camel K

4 lessons | 95 minutes

Get started with Camel K by learning the basics and explore how Camel K relates to API integration, serverless and event driven applications, and Kafka Connectors.


Developing with PatternFly React

14 lessons | 214 minutes

Learn how to implement a variety of the most common components in the PatternFly react component library.


Get started with Ansible

3 lessons | 30 minutes

Learn to simplify your tasks by creating a centralized and automated process with Ansible.


Get started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

9 lessons | 100 minutes

Learn the basics of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and how to leverage it with tools like podman, buildah, and SQL.


Mastering AI / ML with OpenShift

7 lessons | 110 minutes

Learn how to get started on your machine learning journey with OpenShift. You'll learn more about technologies like Jupyter notebooks, JupyterHub, Prometheus, and more.


Understanding subsystems

7 lessons | 200 minutes

Get up to speed with the underlying structures that make up a container architecture. You'll strengthen your understanding of container building, tagging, organization and orchestration, as well as get a high level overview of OCI compliant tools.


Exploring OpenShift

1 lesson | 45 minutes

Poke around the OpenShift web console or command line interfaces at your own speed in a freeform sandbox environment.


Foundations of OpenShift

11 lessons | 195 minutes

Learn about the fundamentals of using OpenShift and the various methods and tools to use to build and deploy applications.


Developing with Middleware

1 lesson | 15 minutes

Learn how to create, integrate and automate applications on the fly with Middleware portfolios that can run on-site, in the cloud, or within a container platform, like OpenShift.