Your assignment: Implement the Compile Driver photo booth using serverless computing

The Compile Driver is a new thrill ride at the Coderland theme park. It starts by hoisting riders to the top of an enormous tower. From there, they plunge through the air towards the reinforced concrete pad at the base of the ride. Unfortunately, as the Compile Driver’s safety record has become public knowledge, ridership has fallen far short of expectations.

With the park’s revenue targets at risk, management turns to you, the most talented developer in all of Coderland, to create a photo booth that captures the faces of delighted riders as they plummet helplessly to the ground. You’ll create a service that takes raw image data from the camera next to the ride, then stamps the date and the Coderland logo on the picture. Guests can, of course, purchase a copy of the heirloom-quality photo as they stagger away from the ride, filling the park’s coffers in the process.

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Part 1: Introduction to Serverless with Knative

Read all about the Compile Driver photo booth and why it's such a good fit for serverless.


Part 2: Building a Serverless Service

Take a look at the image manipulation code behind the photo booth, then look at a modern web app that uses it.


Part 3: Deploying a Serverless Service to Knative

Install Knative and Istio, deploy your code, and invoke it from a React application.