Quarkus + Spring Cheat sheet

Quarkus + Spring Cheat Sheet

Alex Soto Bueno


Quarkus doesn't force you to migrate, but it offers you the best performance and latest features if you decide to migrate. Migrating from Spring to Quarkus is straightforward. To aid in any migration efforts, or to simply stick with a familiar model, Quarkus provides an API compatibility layer for some Spring projects as well as similar dependencies, including near instant scale-up and high-density memory utilization.

This cheat sheet will provide direction on migratory elements such as components, injectors, constructors, and REST-related features. If you're coming from Spring development, these integrations will help you to make a smoother transition to Quarkus. It also contains information about leveraging Spring Data, Spring Security, and other Spring projects one would typically use for a cloud-enabled, Spring-based application, whether it's Spring itself or Spring Boot.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Spring support in Quarkus does not start a Spring Application Context nor are any Spring infrastructure classes run. Spring classes and annotations are only used for reading metadata and/or are used as user code method return types or parameter types.


Supported annotations are: 'RestController,' 'RequestMapping', 'GetMapping', 'PostMapping', 'PutMapping', 'DeleteMapping', 'PatchMapping', 'RequestParam', 'RequestHeader, 'MatrixVariable', 'PathVariable', 'CookieValue', 'RequestBody', 'ResponseStatus', 'ExceptionHandler', and 'RestControllerAdvice'.

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