Taneem Ibrahim

Taneem is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is currently focused on Red Hat Open Data Hub project to accelerate hybrid Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workload on OpenShift Container Platform. Find out more about Open Data Hub at https://opendatahub.io

Areas of Expertise

AI/ML, Operators, Al Algorithmic Fairness & Bias Mitigation

Recent Posts

Operator integration testing for Operator Lifecycle Manager

Operator integration testing for Operator Lifecycle Manager

Operators are one of the ways to package, deploy, and manage application distribution on Red Hat OpenShift. After a developer creates an Operator, the next step is to get the Operator published on OperatorHub.io. Doing this allows users to install and deploy the Operator in their OpenShift clusters. The Operator is installed, updated, and the management lifecycle is handled by the Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).

In this article, we explore the steps required to test the Operator’s OLM integration. For demonstration, we use a simple Operator that prints a test message to the shell. The Operator is packaged in the recently introduced Bundle Format.

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