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Red Hat Software Collections 2.0 Docker images, Beta release

I’m very happy to announce that Docker images based on collections from Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) 2.0 are in beta testing.  The images are available from the Red Hat Container Registry, and we’ve got the set of collections for language, databases and web servers covered – a complete list is below.

If you’ve not tried out the Docker package from RHEL7 Extras, you need to enable the Extras channel, install the docker page, and start the docker service; an extended guide for RHEL Docker is available here.  Once you are set up, pulling the RHSCL Docker images is very simple… for example, you can fetch the Python 3.4 image as follows:

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Dockerfiles now available for Red Hat Software Collections

Shipping_containers_at_ClydeWe recently announced that we’ve made available a set of Dockerfiles for Red Hat Software Collections.  We are making these available since we think they may be useful to customers looking to build more complex application containers on top of RHEL and RHSCL. We don’t intend the Dockerfiles to produce useful standalone images which you’ll immediately put in production – the Docker images which these create are very simple containers which give you RHEL plus the basic set of packages from a particular RHSCL collection.

There are two different ways to get your hands on the Dockerfiles:

  1. From the upstream source at github 
  2. From a new package, rhscl-dockerfiles, which we’ve shipped in the RHSCL channels – both for RHEL6 and RHEL7

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Using Apache httpd 2.4 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

For a long time one of the most frequent requests from users of Apache httpd on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has been “Why aren’t you shipping Apache 2.4 yet?”. Well, the good news is: we are! There are actually two ways for Red Hat Enterprise Linux users to get httpd 2.4. The first is to upgrade to RHEL 7, which comes with httpd 2.4.6 natively.

Apache http server 188 × 129

The second is to use Red Hat Software Collections on RHEL 6, and that’s what I’m going to talk about in this blog post. First up, how to get the bits?

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Apache httpd 2.4 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

An update of this article can be found here.

My team here at Red Hat maintains the web server stack in Fedora and RHEL. One of the cool projects we’ve been working on recently is Software Collections. With RHEL we’ve always suffered from the tension between offering a stable OS platform to users, and trying to support the latest-and-greatest open source software. Software Collections is a great technology we’re using to address that tension. Remi Collet has blogged about the PHP 5.4 software collection (now available in the 1.0 release of our product) over at his blog and on this developer blog. Also, another team member, Jan Kaluza, has been working on a collection of httpd 2.4 for RHEL6 – something we keep hearing requests for in bugzilla.

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