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Getting started with go-toolset

One of the new software collections we’ve introduced this fall is for Go, the programming language that aims to make it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Go is a compiled, statically typed language in the C/C++ tradition with garbage collection, concurrent programming support, and memory safety features.

In go-toolset-7, we’re including everything you need to start programming in Go on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, in the familiar format of software collections. In this release, we’re shipping golang as a Tech Preview. (NOTE: The “-7” in our toolset name is to sync with the other collections now being released, devtoolset-7, rust-toolset-7, and llvm-toolset-7.)

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Basics of Go in Fedora

Why use RPMs (distribution packages in general) at all ?!

Distribution RPMs enables you to get signed curated content, with security updates, bug fixes, general updates, some level of testing, and known ways of reproducing the build locally. Of course, it has its cost mostly in the package size overhead and packaging infrastructure overhead (yum, dnf, apt….).

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