No-Cost RHEL Developer Subscription now available

Open Liberty is a lightweight, production-ready Java runtime for containerizing and deploying microservices to the cloud, and is now available as part of a Red Hat Runtimes subscription. If you are a Red Hat Runtimes subscriber, you can write your Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE apps on Open Liberty and then run them in containers on Red Hat OpenShift, with commercial support from Red Hat and IBM.

Develop cloud-native Java microservices

Open Liberty is designed to provide a smooth developer experience with a one-second startup time, a low memory footprint, and our new dev mode:

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Open Liberty provides a full implementation of MicroProfile 3 and Jakarta EE 8. MicroProfile is a collaborative project between multiple vendors (including Red Hat and IBM) and the Java community that aims to optimize enterprise Java for writing microservices. With a four-week release schedule, Liberty usually has the latest MicroProfile release available soon after the spec is published.

Also, Open Liberty is supported in common developer tools, including VS Code, Eclipse, Maven, and Gradle. Server configuration (e.g., adding or removing a capability, or "feature," to your app) is through an XML file. Open Liberty’s zero migration policy means that you can focus on what’s important (writing your app!) and not have to worry about APIs changing under you.

Deploy in containers to any cloud

When you’re ready to deploy your app, you can just containerize it and deploy it to OpenShift. The zero migration principle means that new versions of Open Liberty features will not break your app, and you can control which version of the feature your app uses.

Monitoring live microservices is enabled by MicroProfile Metrics, Health, and OpenTracing, which add observability to your apps. The emitted metrics from your apps and from the Open Liberty runtime can be consolidated using Prometheus and presented in Grafana.

Learn with the Open Liberty developer guides

Our Open Liberty developer guides are available with runnable code and explanations to help you learn how to write microservices with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, and then to deploy them to Red Hat OpenShift.

Get started

To get started with Open Liberty, try the Packaging and deploying applications guide and the Deploying microservices to OpenShift guide.

Last updated: March 29, 2023