local openshift windows-cta

Red Hat CodeReady Containers 1.0 is now available with support for Red Hat OpenShift 4.2. CodeReady Containers is "OpenShift on your laptop," the easiest way to get a local OpenShift environment running on your machine. You can get an overview of CodeReady Containers in the tech preview launch post. You can download CodeReady Containers from the product page.

For the launch, Brian Tannous from Red Hat Cloud Platforms has put together handy video guides to installing CodeReady Containers and deploying your first application to OpenShift.

local openshift windows-cta
Local OpenShift on Windows with Red Hat CodeReady Containers

Local OpenShift on MacOS with Red Hat CodeReady Containers

Learn more about application development with OpenShift at developers.redhat.com/openshift.

Last updated: November 8, 2023