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Join the Red Hat DevNation for an upcoming live tech talk on January 17th, 2019 at 12:00pm EST for - Knative deep dive presented by Kamesh Sampath.

Reusable components that focus on solving many mundane but difficult tasks like orchestrating source-to-container workflows, routing and managing traffic during deployment, autoscaling your workloads, or binding running services to eventing ecosystems free developers to work on more interesting coding.

In this webinar, we’ll install Knative and its components and take an in-depth look into:

  • The building blocks of Knative—such as serving, building and eventing ecosystems.
  • Demystify the deployment model that allows you to deploy your cloud-native services on Kubernetes and easily turn serve them as serverless services.
  • Various deployment strategies, such as latest and pinned, and how to use Knative build to convert a source-to-URL (serverless service).

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Kamesh Sampath, director, Developer Experience, Red Hat

Kamesh Sampath, Red Hat director of Developer Experience, is an evangelist on topics and technologies like Knative and Spring Boot on Kubernetes and OpenShift®, and he shares his knowledge on how to build better cloud-native applications using these technologies. Kamesh has spent a lot of time in the services industry helping customers build and deploy Java™ -based solutions. He’s the creator of vert.x-maven-plugin, and he’s been an active contributor to open source projects like Knative, Minishift, Eclipse Che, and fabric8, among others.

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