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CheConf 2018, the second Eclipse Che user and developer virtual conference is happening on February 21st. This one-day virtual conference explains how cloud developer workspaces are changing the way applications are created, and how companies are building cloud-native developer tools. Eclipse Che is the largest extensible cloud development platform in the market, with over 150,000 public developer sessions a month. Join hundreds of fellow Che users in sessions that include how-tos, case studies, and community talks from experts throughout the Eclipse Che community.

The live stream starts at 10:00 EST on February 21st with a series of 30 minute sessions and 1 hour tutorials. Live chat and Q&A will be moderated by Che committers.

Join the fun, learn about cloud development, and see how organizations large and small are benefiting from Che. Register early to guarantee your spot.

Eclipse CheConf 2018 Highlights


2017 was a fantastic year for the Che project, with more contributors, more commits, and more usage - this solidified Che's position as the leading developer workspace server and browser IDE. Eclipse Che users logged over 7 million hours of public Che usage (plus more in private installs). We’ll discuss the growing cloud development market, Che's position in it, and the exciting changes we're planning for 2018.

Learn how SAP provides a full development environment for HANA Cloud with zero installation using Che.

Three years ago, SAP began building a cloud IDE tailored to their HANA Cloud to help developers new to the platform get started quickly and easily. Through powerful, containerized workspaces, Eclipse Che allows SAP to rapidly spin up even complex projects. Join Ran Hassid and Tamir Menahem from SAP as the discuss and demo the SAP Web IDE used for the HANA Cloud.

Find out how an Eclipse Che pilot project grew into a portfolio-wide tooling change at Software AG.

Software AG began an Eclipse Che pilot project in 2017 that ultimately changed how the company builds developer tools across its portfolio. Now, Software AG can deliver modern developer tools that meet today’s and tomorrow's needs. Attend the case study session to hear about Software AG's successes and struggles as they prepare to leverage Eclipse Che across over 80 development tool projects.

Hear about how Silexica used Eclipse Che to move it's most complex product to the cloud.

Silexica's SLX is a powerful programming tool that helps developers working on massively multicored applications troubleshoot and optimize their code across architectures. To support the many environments used by developers today, Silexica developed an Eclipse Che-based cloud integrated development environment (IDE) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for SLX. Attend Silexica’s case study session to hear about the customizations Silexica made to the panels, editors, and commands to tailor it to their users' needs.

Learn how Red Hat delivers an end-to-end cloud-native development environment. is an open, online development environment for planning, creating, and deploying hybrid cloud services. Expanding on the Eclipse Che vision, it provides cloud-native developer tooling on OpenShift—the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. Attend the session to see how no-configuration tools can take development teams smoothly from project initiation through development, testing, and deployment.

Find out how Eclipse Che and the debug protocol provide a generic mechanism to debug anything running in containers, regardless of language or framework.

This talk looks at how the Debug Protocol has been integrated with Eclipse Che to provide a generic mechanism to support debugging of any programming language or framework. In this talk you will:

  • Learn about the debug protocol: background, overview, benefits and languages currently supported
  • See a demonstration of how the protocol is being used to provide rich debugger functionality in Eclipse Che
  • Understand the extensible nature of the protocol and how it enables 'write once, debug anywhere' functionality
  • Learn how you can get involved with this project as well as starting points for creating your own custom debugger in the cloud

Learn how Eclipse Che and Atom Teletype lets developers collaborate on code in real time.

Collaboration features in Eclipse Che and Atom Teletype let you work with your colleagues in whole new way. The pair programming extension, based on the recently released Teletype for Atom project, lets multiple Che or Atom users edit the same file at the same time. Attend this interactive how-to session to experience the pair programming extension live.


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Last updated: October 18, 2018