It's amazing how you can have the feeling of being home when you arrive at some special places: people you love, food you love, and the warming sensation of being welcome. Without any doubt we from Red Hat Developers can assure that TDC São Paulo, with this amazing developer community, feels like home.

From July 5th to July 9th we had the companion of more than 4800 developers at Anhembi Morumbi University, venue of the The Developer's Conference (TDC) São Paulo. We're particularly proud of having accomplished the mission of empowering developers by sharing our knowledge with more than 13 sessions presented by different speakers in the Microservices, Speakers to Speakers, .NET, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Ruby, Java EE, Java, Software Architecture, Education, Python and Python4Kids tracks.

Red Hat also had the opportunity of having Edson Yanaga, Wellington Lopes, and Bruno Rocha as Track Leads of the Microservices, DevOps Java, Cloud Computing, Education and Python tracks.

One of the key points that we learned is that developers love Open Source. Being the largest Open Source company in the world, Red Hat is very dear to developers in the Brazilian community! Of course the swag helped, and we had dozens of developers in line every day at our booth to talk to our staff (ops, or to get our amazing swag). And we might probably think that our t-shirt was very well received, as we could see a lot of the attendees wearing them with proud during the conference.

A very special thanks to the Red Hat staff at TDC São Paulo: Andrea Carmona, Bruno Rocha, Eder Ignatowicz, Edson Yanaga, Guilherme Gomes, John Wendell, Ricardo Martinelli, and Wellington Lopes. We're absolutely sure that the attendees loved your presence there!

On TDC's last day we also had the opportunity to give some yoyos to the kids: small kids, big kids and adult kids too! Maybe they'll spend some time learning some cool yoyo tricks instead of just chasing Pokémons outside... Or maybe not.

You can also check below the interviews that Edson Yanaga and Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira gave for the NightHacking website while at TDC São Paulo:

Speaking Tips for Developers

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