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Developing in Python on Red Hat platforms

As programming languages go, Python is one of the mainstays of the
Enterprise Linux ecosystem. Whether it's powering the hybrid cloud
with OpenStack, managing infrastructure with Ansible, or simply taking
you through the installation process for Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
wherever you find Linux, Python is unlikely to be far away.

In "Python Development on Red Hat Platforms", Nick Coghlan and Graham
Dumpleton will take attendees through Red Hat's recommended approaches
for Python development, from network service development using
OpenShift and the Red Hat Container Development Kit, through
application development with Red Hat Software Collections, to handling
system administration tasks with the system Python installation in Red
Hat Enterprise Linux. This session will also cover other topics likely
to be of interest to enterprise Python developers, including the
ongoing migration of the Python ecosystem to Python 3, the
modernisation of the Python 2.7 networking security stack, and the
shift to validating HTTPS certificates by default.

11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Room 134


About Nick and Graham
More commonly found arguing on the internet in the upstream Python community (as a CPython core developer and Python packaging ecosystem contributor for Nick, and as the creator and maintainer of the mod_wsgi Apache Python module for Graham), both Nick and Graham will be making the trek across the Pacific Ocean to present at DevNation, from their Australian home bases in Brisbane and Sydney, respectively.
(Left: Nick, Right: Graham)


Last updated: February 6, 2024