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An introduction to Eclipse Che: a next-generation Java IDE

At this year's DevNation, we'll be giving the crowd an introduction to Eclipse Che, which is getting broad adoption as the next-generation Eclipse IDE.  It is a workspace server and cloud IDE where the workspaces are provisioned dynamically and include all of their dependencies, including their runtime dependencies. This makes the workspaces universal where they can be moved between computers and accessed by different users without them having to install any software.

Eclipse Che is changing the nature of development by simplifying how users can begin working on a new project for any kind of programming language without having to configure the tools for that language. And more importantly, since workspaces contain their own runtimes, we have been working closely with Red hat to allow workspaces to have runtime topologies that are identical to those that are deployed into production through the use of Docker containers. This means that developers no longer have to work with approximations of applications, but actually work on applications themselves.

We will make sure that attendees have a joyful experience with Che and how it works with OpenShift. Attendees will see how it can be extended and customized into different assemblies like how it was used to build the SAP Web IDE, Samsung ARTIK IDE, and the OpenShift IDE.

2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Room 132

About the presenter:

This is going to be my second DevNation.  And I'm super happy that it's at Moscone, because I live next door and it's nice to go to a conference where I don't have to wear wrinkled clothes ruined by my poor packing job with suitcases.

I'm the project lead for Eclipse Che, but also founder and CEO of Codenvy. I also do a lot of venture investments in developer businesses like Sauce Labs, WSO2, Sourcegraph, InfoQ, Cloudant, and Zeroturnaround.  Developer tooling is fun and they make great businesses.

I started Codenvy because I wanted a better way for people to develop software - and this was the product that I thought they should have.

Last updated: April 3, 2023