Automated testing is one of the hardest, but also the most important thing to get right when doing Continuous Delivery or DevOps. Recently Aslak Knutsen and I hosted a webinar with the title "Continuous Development with Automated Testing". The webinar had quite a few viewers (and maybe that was one of the reasons that the demo in the webinar didn't exactly go as planned.)

Aslak did a great job trying to talk through a demo that played at 1/3 of normal speed, but eventually we had to stop; it was too difficult to convey the information, and we wouldn't have been able to finish the talk within the time constraints.

The recording of the webinar is available here, but please take a look at the slides from the webinar with newly recorded demos on slide 29 and 30.

To run the demo your self, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Get the source
    git clone
    cd jboss-eap-quickstarts
    git checkout eap_7_webinar
  2. Run the testFirst start EAP 7.0.0 Server with default settings
    mvn clean install -f kitchensink/pom.xml -P arq-eap-remote
  3. Run the tests with recorder
    mvn clean install -f kitchensink/pom.xml -P arq-eap-remote,record

    See kitchensink/target/recorder