Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

A little late for a March review. But March was late in general. The weather didn't really pick up and we had some scheduling issues on the JBoss weekly editorial. Things like that happen, I guess. Time for me to finally catch up with all the news and releases in March. In the middle of April. My apologies.

March In JBossMore than 20 Releases
Everybody woke up from hibernation and we've seen 20+ releases of JBoss Open Source Projects and Products in March. One of the most important ones was the announcement of the PicketLink and Keycloak project merge. And the fact, that Camel version 2.15.0 came out in 2015 is also a nice reason to blog. The Hibernate team keeps their busy schedule and they are releasing monthly. This includes Search and OGM.

Containers And Microservices Are Dominating Middleware
The most prominent topic around middleware are Containers. We've seen all kinds of posts around how to use Docker Compose, or Microservices Architectures or even news from Fabric and OpenShift. And we've also been talking about the cost of change for microservices architectures. And more and more projects are exploring how to run on OpenShift v3 which will be based on containers and orchestration. And Java EE is all over the place. Arun talks about 9 Docker recipes for Java EE Applications and continues his successful tech-tip series.

JBoss Fuse Workshop by Christina Lin
One very courageous piece of work was started by Christina Lin. She developed a six part workshop series around JBoss Fuse aimed at beginners.

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