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Front and back-end developers should make friends -
Interview with Natalie Kozlowski of CodeGuard |

Natalie Kozlowski is a front-end web developer at CodeGuard. She's a self-taught coder who embraces open source and will be giving a talk about how to interact with your front-end developers at this year's All Things Open conference in Raleigh.

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In this interview, I caught up with Natalie prior to the conference. I learned more about her background, like how she earned a degree in Professional Writing, what led her to her current job as a front-end developer, and how she applies the open source way to her job.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors in Professional Writing. After graduating I moved to Atlanta, GA to work at CodeGuard as their front-end web developer. CodeGuard is a website backup, monitoring, and restore service for the web. As the front-end developer, I not only oversee all of the front-end code for the application but also all of our design needs.

As far as design goes, I’ve learned to love a wide variety of activities. I started out in Photoshop creating web designs and interface designs, and from there I expanded to learning Illustrator to create custom logos and icons for my work. After that, I branched out further and came to love aspects of print design as well, for example T-shirt design, infographic design, poster design, digital comic illustrations, and so much more. Even today, I still enter T-shirt design competitions in my down time, just for fun!

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