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This year Akademy, the KDE conference, will be held in Brno very close to the Red Hat office at the University (FEKT VUT) in the technological park. There will be many KDE related presentations and workshops. I'm looking forward to hearing about new features of KF5 (KDE Frameworks) and Plasma.


There are also general developers topic e.g. A Tale of ELFs and DWARFs or Usability talks. Come and see our colleagues who are presenting there.

Daniel Vrátil - A year with Akonadi

Daniel will give us an overview of changes and improvements that were done in Akonadi and KDE PIM in the past year and what new features will be offered to application developers. If you are using KMail or KOrganizer, then you are using Akonadi too.

Martin Holec - Desktop test Automation using Dogtail

Martin will introduce developers/testers to the KDE Plasma Workspaces and KDE Applications test automation using accessibility (a11y) qt-at-spi2 protocol and Dogtail Python framework. The aim is to get QA and a development community engaged in developing automated tests for continuous integration on Focus is on feature functionality and integration (black-box testing) between applications, workspaces and frameworks.

Last updated: February 7, 2024