Another excellent OpenShift Enterprise update with more examples of Red Hat Software Collections being converted into OpenShift cartridges:  MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.4, and soon the additions of Python 3.3 and MongoDB 2.4.

Also, I love the "simple, no touch virtual machine (VM) image of OpenShift Enterprise so [customers] can place the image on their laptop and work on cartridges, code, and DevOps models while they are disconnected from their datacenter. As part of your OpenShift Enterprise subscription, we have added a VM image of OpenShift Enterprise under the downloads tab for OpenShift Enterprise on

"The image contains a desktop environment, RHEL 6.5, Software Collections, OpenShift Enterprise 2.1, and JBoss Developer Studio."

by Mike Barrett, Red Hat product management

via Announcing OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 | Openshift Blog.