The Developer Conference in Brno will be held February 7-9th. I'd like to invite you to these interesting presentations prepared by my colleagues.

DevAssistant - What's in it for you
Friday, February 7 • 11:30 - 12:10
DevAssistant is a new tool that targets both development beginners and seasoned coders. It can set up development environment, kickstart new projects in various languages and frameworks and install dependencies. Plugins for are in the road map.

Create your own collection, (also with COPR)
Friday, February 7 • 15:50 - 17:20
Collections can provide several parallel-installable versions of software. After a short overview about Software Collections, attendees will learn how to build their own collections. At the workshop, we'll build simple collections consisting of a few packages. People can bring their own collections and ask for help!
Building in COPR will be briefly explained, as COPR will have whole session on Sunday (see below).

Introduction to MongoDB
Saturday, February 8 • 10:40 - 12:10
Practical introduction to the most used NoSQL database, MongoDB, is intended for programmers who don't have experiences with MongoDB yet. After the lab, attendees will understand the concept and differences from relational databases, be able to design a MongoDB database, and write a MongoDB-based application in Python.

COPR, Fedora Build Service
Sunday, February 9 • 10:40 - 11:20
COPR - new lightweight buildsystem for personal and third party projects. Learn why should you be using the build system for your project(s) and how can you build your package for multiple distributions at once. Discover how to integrate Software Collections using COPR.

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